A Social Companion

Older people have often found it difficult to attend social functions when their long time partner has passed away. They feel awkward, and this can lead them to avoid social commitments. The search to find a compatible mate is not necessarily on their agenda. They have often outlived the love of their life, and they do not want a replacement. Some of them have learned to enjoy living alone because they finally get to do the things they want. They feel a sense of freedom, and they cherish it.

Attending social events where friends and family will be present often calls for an older person to bring a date. If this person has not begun to date after a suitable time, they find that friends and family are more than willing to surprise them with blind dates. This is generally not welcomed by the older person who just wants to enjoy the occasion. Rather than accommodating their relatives, they begin to avoid family gatherings.

There are few people available for nothing more than attending social functions without a relationship. An independent escort can be booked just for this type of arrangement. They work outside of an escort agency, but their job is the same as escorts contracted to an agent. They provide service as a companion, but they do not engage in personal relationships with their clients. This is a good compromise for a person that needs a date without investing in an unwanted relationship.

When an older person is single, they should not feel the need to be in a relationship unless that is their goal. Freedom from personal entanglements should be their right, and they have earned it. Social occasions with family and friends should provide them with a wealth of love and comfort. If they must bring a date to stave off pushy relatives, finding a companion without a commitment is more than acceptable.