The Attraction of Age and Beauty

It has often been considered scandalous for an older man to date a younger woman because people believe there cannot be a real attraction between the two. They often say the woman is just after the man's money, and of course these same people believe the man is just reliving his youth by dating an attractive young woman. In some cases these statements are true, but not all of these relationships are based on such a shaky foundation.

Men do appreciate beauty, and that is often what attracts them to a younger woman. Women are intelligent and understand the value of money and power. A man with both of these items is very attractive to a young woman, and many are willing to admit it. People that take the time to really know a couple like this will often find they have much in common as far as their personal values, and this is the true attraction between them. The fact they are very far apart in age matters little to a couple of this type.