The Cougar Syndrome

There have been many people lately who have taken a great deal of joy when they point out an older woman with a young man, and it has generally become a speculation that many older, divorced women are nothing more than cougars. People joke about the fact that they are on the hunt for a younger male companion to keep them happy in the bedroom. It might be true for some women, but not all of them are interested in being partnered with young men for physical intimacy. Many of them have been left by their long term partner or spouse, and they are looking for a new lease on the life they left behind.

While it is known that men tend to reach their sexual peak much earlier than women, older women who date younger men are not necessarily concerned with their performance in the bedroom. They are often seeking a fun companion who will share adventures with them in the outside world, and their intimate relationship is more dependent on how they feel about each other.

Many women who become divorced in their later years feel they have made many sacrifices for a former spouse, and they want to be able to enjoy their life as a single person. They see it as an opportunity to be able to get out of the house and leave their responsibilities behind. They have done the cocktail party and dinner route for many years, and it garnered them no memories they feel are worth keeping. Now their life is devoted to what they want, and many of them find younger men are more willing to let them take the lead.

Physical intimacy within a relationship often depends upon the needs of both parties, and older women do have those needs. If they choose to share their time with a younger man, it might be that they have finally decided it is time they experience all the good things in life.