Compartmentalizing Life

Older people who are single understand the value in keeping their private life to themselves. They are tired of being judged by society, and they have learned approval is a rare reward for their choices. For friends and family, they may find a person that is suitable to attend social functions. This person may or may not be a suitable partner when it comes to physical intimacy. They might be a friend, or a confidante, but they might not be able to have a physical relationship.

Many younger people seem to believe older people are not interested in physical intimacy, and they are amazingly incorrect. The need for physical relief does not stop at any particular age, but it is governed by the desires and physical fitness of the person. Older single people do not want to admit these physical needs to relatives or even friends. Some of them choose to have a fuck buddy as a regular intimate partner, and this helps them avoid embarrassing social dilemmas.

There is nothing wrong with an older person wishing to express themselves physically. Many are still capable of experiencing the joy of physical relief, and they should be able to do so without censure. Fuck buddies are not judgmental and are willing to satisfy this need. They have the same need, no matter their age, and they understand the expectations of their physical partner. Once each person is satisfied, they can part without worrying about being caught up in a relationship that is unsuited to their lifestyle.

Few people are willing to admit they have this type of no strings attached sex. For older singles, it is a way to get physical relief. Younger people, often buddies of older people, have the same craving for physical release, but they are not interested in attending social events or being part of an emotional relationship with anyone and this type of arrangement suits them.