Lives of the Not So Rich

There are many older men who are able to retire, but they have not accumulated great wealth during their life. For them, the loss of a partner is a significant hardship, and they feel it deeply. Some of them are willing to go out into the world to find a new partner, but this option is not always available. They may be shy, or they might feel it would be a betrayal of their lost spouse to do this. No matter why they choose to avoid finding a new partner, they still have physical needs that must be satisfied.

Technology has long been aimed to make life better for all people, and older men who have retired are often willing to explore it. Virtual reality headsets are now easy to use, and there are many applications that a retired gentleman can find online. For male masturbators, this opens up a whole new world of VR porn. They may have abstained from this type of viewing while their partner was alive, but they no longer feel that pressure.

Viewing of this medium has long been considered a fringe way to occupy time, but new virtual reality porn has come into its own these days. The technology is much more realistic, and the social stigma of viewing it has lessened. It can be seen in privacy at home, and people have found it a source of enjoyment and physical release. They need not worry about their neighbors' opinions, and relaxing with a headset on has changed their lives for the better.

Losing a long term partner, especially near the end of a person's life, is a difficulty many older gentlemen have experienced. Finding a new partner, and learning to adjust to them, is often seen as an uphill battle. The ability to use modern technology for personal fulfillment is a good answer for a person in this sad predicament.