An Unexpected Attraction

There are times in life when two people find they like each other, but the thought of a romantic relationship is out of the question. They are often not contemporaries, and one of them might be too young to consider being with the other person in an intimate way. As they both age, the differences between them in years might be mitigated by their shared interests, and an unexpected attraction could develop that will make them reconsider their own values when it comes to love and companionship.

Knowing a person for years is part of how people know they are compatible, and those who have associated with others who are family of friends often find this is how they come to be in a relationship. One of them might be the uncle, father or grandfather of the person they find attractive. The same could be true for a mother, aunt or grandmother when it comes to being in a May December relationship.

Their attraction is not necessarily built upon physical attributes, and it might simply come from the fact both of them share similar tastes or hobbies. They could find that no one within their age group has the same interests, and their ability to share many things could be the beginning of a friendship. As their relationship grows, they might find there is a physical spark between them that neither planned on having, nor could they foretell that they would find a romantic relationship possible.

It might shock their friends and family members that they have found a deeper meaning between them, and they might try to ignore their own feelings for the sake of propriety. For those who choose to be honest about what they want out of life, it could be the start of the best relationship either of them will ever experience.